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Woman who 'died' for 27 minutes writes chilling note after she's resuscitated

Article Date - 07/03/2019

The article states: "Miraculously, the mom of four woke up and immediately gestured for a pen and piece of paper, with which she scribbled down, 'It's real.' When asked what her note referenced, Hines responded by "pointing up to heaven with tears in her eyes," according to her niece. 'It was so real, the colors were so vibrant,' Hines recalled of her vision, which she said included Jesus standing in front of black gates with a bright yellow glow behind him." But the Bible says, "The dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten" (Ecclesiastes 9:5). Therefore, although by all human means and instruments that declares a person dead, they may not be. And therefore, it was a dream. A timely one but still a dream.