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Jovenel Moïse: Foreign hit squad killed Haiti's president, police say

Article Date - 07/12/2021

Who killed the Hattian president is a cover up for the real story. Just a few months ago, the administration of Haiti it was stated by Reuters, "Haiti, yet to begin vaccinations" (June 9, 2021). We ask, when does a coincidence become an agenda? In Africa News, January 27, 2021, "President Magufuli warns Tanzanians against Covid-19 vaccines" and then mysteriously dies of COVID. We are told of the second beast in Revelation that a nation that has influence over all other nations would "causeth the earth" (Revelation 13:12). The context is to worship or obey the first beast, but until that worship is pushed forward, we have practice runs in which, if a nation objects to the agenda, remove the leader. That is what is being practiced. And we know that "by thy sorceries were all nations deceived" or "by thy pharmaceuticals were all nations deceived" as the word sorceries is the Greek word "pharmakeia".