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Who is the Real Antichrist?

All of the people shown on the cover have been accused or is being accused of being the antichrist.

This book walks through Daniel 2, 7, 10, 11, and 12 along with 2 Thessalonians, Matthew, and especially Revelation in showing well over eighty (80) points identifying who the real antichrist is. Although we provide as exhaustive as possible to reveal all of the points, we do not name the actual antichrist. We rely upon the points provided as we hope they speak for themselves.

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I Am Come To Deceive the Whole World

From Satan's perspective, he has the whole world distracted with sports, entertainment, food, drink, partying, etc.

In this book, we start of listing items that Christians ought not participate in, especially since it is all a distraction from the real agenda. The real agenda uses plenty of news articles leading to the revelation of the antichrist, the image, and the Mark of the Beast.

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What Does It Mean for the World to Have ONE MIND?

It compares Romans 15:6, the mind of Christ, with Revelation 17:13, the mind of antichrist.

The world is being ushered into one of two sides. We either have the mind of Christ or we have the mind of antichrist. Doctors, politicians, and even preachers are leading unlearned souls to agree with antichrist, and this material relives the 2016 campaign of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. The book shows that either one is willing to participate in the deception.

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